RIM Major killed in dump truck accident in Greenland

RIM Major killed in dump truck accident in Greenland

My first breaking story as Assistant News Editor in which I felt like a real reporter standing out in the cold. A wonderful life was lost this day and the remembrance article following was something we all worked hard on.  


Calling all Whovians!

The day of the Doctor has arrived and it’s taking the world by storm. The highly anticipated 50th anniversary of the show that has rocked the world is nearly here and everyone is waiting.

The British television show that has lasted half a century is one of the most widely spread phenomenons that has graced the world with its presence. As the day draws nearer, the amount of coverage has doubled, not only in its homeland Britain, but also in the United States as well as other countries.  Movie stills, spoilers and fan reactions have overrun the Internet as the days draw closer to showtime.

The anniversary trailer was released less than 3 weeks ago and the views have soared to almost two million, while newspapers and online blogs have posted articles on a number of different topics surrounding the television show.

The upcoming release of the 50th anniversary is not like any other Doctor Who episode which have all been shown on television. The so-called “episode” has been lengthened and turned into a movie which is only being shown in select theaters. This article covered by Entertainment Weekly lists the movie theaters in the United States while the more locally British newspapers cover the theaters there. In an effort to keep the secret across the world, the first ever global simulcast has been put into place.

The event is so large that it has taken over the very lives of the people who love it. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul host a Whovian group of over 780 people with about 200 active members have gathered to celebrate the show together and meet people they would’ve never met otherwise. The Twin Cities group have even released an agenda over one week of fun-filled Doctor Who madness. One of the groups members commented about how the intense admiration of the fans has brought many together through their nerdy ways.

“I was a smart, nerdy kid who got made fun of for my intelligence,” says Rajchel, 38. “When I saw the show, I realized, ‘Oh my God, being smart is a superpower,’ and that really appealed to me. Plus the idea of a spaceship that can teleport I think is really elegant.”

It was honestly surprising to see how many people adored the television show. The Twin Cities group is not the only ones who have gone above and beyond to honor the show. YouTube is overrun with videos about Doctor Who as well as other social media sites like Twitter, which will be used during the release date as #SaveTheDay, and Tumblr for fan pictures like the one below. Students from the University of Northern Colorado  await the return of the beloved Time Lord as well.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the 10th and 11th Doctors interact, as well as just the excitement of this being the 50thanniversary, which is super exciting cause shows never last that long,” Amanda Kruger, a freshman business major said.

Along with the American groups, The Daily Mail covered the reception held at Buckingham Palace by The Countess of Wessex which held a number of Time Lords including Matt Smith, David Tennant, Peter Capaldi, and John Hurt. Out of all the fan organizations mentioned above, one of the most visually creative is the Australian group. The Doctor Who Club of Australia is another example of the people who have put so much behind something as small as a television show. On their website, they posted an article about how a Day of the Doctor two minute clip was released for Children in Need in an effort to raise money for the cause. The two minute clip helped raise  £31 million to for disadvantaged children and people across the UK.


Fans have poured from every crevice to show their love for the show. The Mirror released an article of a tapestry created by a United States artist in honor of the show. The tapestry details story line events throughout the last 50 years as the Doctor regenerates. BBC has initiated a Doctor Who takeover week in celebration for the upcoming event. The British television show that has lasted half a century has sparked so much emotion across the world that people have gathered together to welcome it on November 23, and as the Eleventh Doctor says, “Geronimo!”

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And the vidder is….

Not many know about this wonderful world taking place in plain sight.

Youtube is a part of everyday life for most people around the world whether it’s social use or news, but not many know of how popular fan-videos are becoming. Video editors of every age are participating in the uploading of videos millions of times a day. The sheer genius of some of these videos is astounding, and the influx of artistic creation has taken the internet by storm.

A few months ago I was introduced to a charity known as Vidders 4 a Cause . In their About Us section the foundation says:

“We are a group of video editors who have come together to offer our services for charity. The premise is simple, when an auction starts any person who is signed up and willing to bid can do so with any amount and on as many vidders as they’d like. When the auction ends, the highest bid on each vidder will win a video of their choice from that vidder! All money donated goes directly from your hands to a charity of your choosing. We will never ask you for money, if anyone on the website does so, Mary and I urge you to come to us directly about it.”

The charity has raised thousands of dollars for charity with the use of videos that anyone can make at home. They are primarily fandom videos which means they consist of the vidders choice of TV shows. The videos can be multifandoms (consisting of more than one TV show), crossovers, couples, alternate universe, tribute, and anything anyone can think of. The creativity released from so many different people is astounding. There are videos from all different countries centered around some of the greatest TV shows out there including Doctor Who, Merlin, Dark Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Roswell, Criminal Minds, Bones, Game of Thrones and so many more. Have you ever wanted to see two characters from two different shows together – here’s your chance. Just search it on Youtube and see what you find.

On their main site, you can find their Youtube channel, as well as many videos used in the charity. One of the site creators, Jane (also known as ImNaturallySuper on Youtube), was the first to introduce me to this wonderful event. Check it out! You may find what you like.


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