Beaumont Eye Care Team Changes Lives in Kenya

Two members of my family are in this group in the picture. The wonderful things they did for people who barely have hope is something we should all strive for.

The Beaumont Blog

by Lindsay Murphy, BSN, RN, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak

In August, a team of Beaumont physicians, residents, nurse anesthetists, nurses and family members departed for a medical mission in Migori, Kenya, a remote rural community 300 miles west of Nairobi. Over three days in clinic, Beaumont staff performed some 55 cataract operations, saw over 400 general ophthalmic patients and another 200 general medical patients—many of whom traveled many miles on foot and on bicycle, over savannah trails and back roads to reach our clinic. No one was turned away; many patients stayed overnight at the clinic, rather than risk the dangerous journey home after dark.

Cataract surgery in KenyaDuring our mission, I saw a 14-year-old girl who came to the clinic with a severe cataract in the right eye, leaving her with only hand-motion vision in that eye. The left eye sported a perfectly functional intraocular lens and 20/20 vision, the legacy of…

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