Among Us

One of the worst kept secrets of the United States is the exploration of extraterrestrial life.

The subject of aliens is often thought of as a joke, or the plot for an action/horror film in Hollywood, but really the idea of life across the stars fascinates many people.

In the United States, many believe we have our own alien base, commonly known as Area 51. Conspiracy theorists believe the site to be the main testing center for alien crafts such as the one 1947 Roswell crash, but the government clearly stated that it never existed. Reporters and conspiracy theorists were not convinced though by the large amounts of security and razor wire.  Recently though, the government reported that the base was actually real, but only a testing facility for government programs.

This article on CNN describes the “official” report of the base Area 51.

“According to these reports, which include a map of the base’s location in Nevada, Area 51 was merely a testing site for the government’s U-2 and OXCART aerial surveillance programs. The U-2 program conducted surveillance around the world, including over the Soviet Union during the Cold War,” says the CNN article.

Unlike the United States, Peru doesn’t seem to care about hiding their exploration for little green men. A website from a company based in California called All Voices posted an article about the recent development in which Peru has agreed to reopen their air force investigation branch. Interestingly enough, the All Voices article talks about recent sightings in not only Peru but the UK as well. Peruvian officials with the project hope that people will feel confident in documenting their experiences instead of feeling like they are insane, which is what most are afraid of.

I would expect the topic of this newly reopened UFO research facility to be covered on a small scale, mostly in Peru and the United States, but as soon as the article is put into Google, a mass number of different news outlets in all kinds of countries have reported the subject. The Guardian reported on the subject, describing not only the number of different scientists involved, but also how the use of technology and social media will be used to study the subject further.

The Guardian as well as the All Voices articles were about average in length which I expected, but when I looked at the article in India the article was quite a bit shorter.

The India article on ZeeNews does cover the most important aspects of the project, but it seems more like a blurb to me than an actual article.

The fact that something like this is happening while the world is fighting with each other or countries are tearing themselves apart, is a welcome area of focus. The possibility of life among us is something that needs to be explored and the openness of the Peruvian government is interesting when compared to US government tactics on the subject.

I think it’s incredibly interesting that a country is willing to be so open about scientific exploration of life beyond our world. 

I can only guess how the alien fans are going to geek out about this one.


Actually, I don’t have too. I’m psyched too.


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