Wounded Warriors Fight Back

The men and women who have fought for the United States have returned home, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped fighting.

I do not own this image

I do not own this image

A new initiative to fight for children subjected to the horrors of the world in the worst way has taken shape. A program has began to take shape designed to take veterans and train them to track down the predators focused on children. Child pornography is a lot more common than most think and the age-old “out of sight, out of mind” phrase is prominent when it comes to the attention of the public on this issue.

Soldiers who had returned from war decided enough was enough. The program helps those participating learn how to track down predators and rescue the victimized children by training the participants in special forensic techniques and turn them loose in cyberspace to hunt down and capture predators. The wounded warriors will be on a 10-month internship, but ICE (Immigration’s and Customs Enforcement) hopes those internships become full-time jobs. This is an unusual joint project between ICE and Protect (National Association to Protect Children).

“I remember as a kid I was big into the medieval times knights. They had a code that they lived by: defending those that can’t defend themselves,” Chris Lehmann, a former U.S. Army airborne soldier, said. “That was something I lived by — always trying to help somebody that can’t help themselves.”

Lehmann thought about his oath when he enlisted. “There was one part of the oath that stood out for me, and that was, ‘I will defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.’” He added, “Now the threat is domestic. I’m not fighting the enemy on a foreign ground, I’m fighting the enemy in our ground, in our back yards, in our streets.”

The public aren’t aware of how prominent this issue is in everyday life. If you don’t believe me, search it, or better yet check out the Federal Bureau of Investigation website for the list of sex offenders in your area. Just choose your state and it will take you to your state’s sex offender registry. Then type in an address and see how many dots pop up on your screen.

You may be surprised at what you find…. or who you know.


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